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I am a catfish – how I do away with eye baggage and alter my hair colour in seconds to discover a sugar daddy

YOU MIGHT as well throw your makeup brushes away.

Social media user, @juliacanni, revealed how she catfishes people by using technology to apply makeup to her selfies.


One woman revealed she uses an app to catfish people onlineCredit: juliacanni/TikTok
She tightened her jawline and smoothed out her skin


She tightened her jawline and smoothed out her skinCredit: juliacanni/TikTok

Using a photo editing app, she shared the steps she takes to catfish men, encouraging her viewers to try it themselves and “go get that sugar daddy.”

First, Julia used the photo editing app to tighten her jawline.

Carving out her face, she added contour to her selfie to make her cheekbones appear more defined.

For a natural glow, Julia removed the dark circles under her eyes and even gave her skin a slight tan.

Using the smoothing effect, she also cleared up her skin to create a new flawless-looking complexion.

The catfish even used the app for a virtual visit to the hair salon.

Lightening up her hair, she gave it an amber tint that perfectly complimented her tan and glowy skin.

Julia also brightened her eyes in the selfie to help them pop and then moved the photo to a filter app to change the lighting effects in her picture.

She added a warm orangey tone to her selfie, making herself almost unrecognizable from her original photo.

Users were amazed at her editing skills and begged her to expose the name of the app.

Though she failed to reveal her secret, similar ones to the one she used are FaceTune and Airbrush.

Others laughed at the transformation, saying: “Till they ask to FaceTime” and “This should be illegal.”

But, Julia is not the only one catfishing people on the internet.

One woman claimed that she does her makeup so well, people mistake her for Rihanna when she’s all glammed up.

Julia even changed the color of her hair using the app


Julia even changed the color of her hair using the appCredit: juliacanni/TikTok

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