How To Get Rid Of Dark Circles For Men?

dark circles for men

Getting rid of dark circles for men is not being too feminine anymore. It is what you should do; just like what anyone should do, you should find ways to resolve it, especially if you care about yourself. So, in this article, we will help you find ways to remove dark circles for men. The process may not give you the fastest results, but it provides desirable methods in eliminating dark spots.

If you want to get rid of your dark circles, you should start with having a healthy and active lifestyle. Yes, it means going to the gym more often and avoiding going to bars for happy hours. It also means no more drinking too many alcoholic beverages because it may only trigger dark circles. More importantly, it would help if you started having a balanced diet.

It may sound “easier said than done,” but those are some ways to get rid of dark circles for men. Keep on reading if you want to learn more tips and methods on eliminating those unwanted spots on your face.

Eye Bags Vs. Dark Circles – What Are The Differences?

While heredity plays a part in the development of bags, there may be other contributing factors. It could be the over consumption of salt or alcohol, which promotes water retention. Moreover, lack of sleep slows down blood circulation or sagging of aging skin, which impacts the distribution of fat and enables certain fluids to flow into the tissues.

Dark circles are due to blood pigments due to poor circulation or disturbance of the lymphatic tissue. These occur due to blood congestion or ineffective drainage because of unhealthy habits like frequent alcohol, alcohol intake, or tobacco use. On the flip side, Brown circles are an issue of pigment and are mainly hereditary.

Dealing With Dark Circles For Men

Dark circles and bags are challenging to eliminate, mainly if they run in your family. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t prevent them or reduce their appearance! Here are a few ways about how you can successfully deal with your dark spots underneath your eyes.

Step 1 – Always Be Aware Of Your Habits

Massage your eyes’ shapes for a couple of minutes, from the interior to the outside, and to quicken micro-circulation. In case your eyes are particularly bloated, use a cold-water compress. The cold stimulates micro-circulation and promotes drainage. Both morning and night, use a cream that’s specially formulated for the contour of the eyes.

Never use facial cream in this region; its lack of fluidity can make your skin swell up! Before using the treatment, wash your face thoroughly, ridding the epidermis of impurities (pollution, dust, etc.) and preparing it to absorb the cream. At bedtime, place your pillows to elevate your head slightly: that can stop lymph fluid from collecting around your eyes.

Step 2 – Get Use To Good And Healthy Habits

A good skincare routine is not enough: you have to deal with the resources of the problems. Eliminate habits that may affect lymphatic drainage or lead to water retention. Lower your salt consumption (one of the best causes of water retention!) Also, avoid foods rich in refined sugars and saturated fat: your blood system will thank you! Moderate your consumption of alcohol and drink plenty of water, which will help your liver work better and tone your lymphatic tissue.

Put the cigarette out. Smoking damages the blood vessels and makes them pronounced and bluer. Don’t skimp on sleep since fatigue slows blood flow, making the bloodstream flow and turning the skin into a red shade. By unbalancing the body and affecting the micro-circulation around the eyes, stress can aggravate existing problems, darkening circles, and also making bags more obvious.

Natural Ways To Remove Dark Circles For Men

Men’s eyes suffer the most, but that is not due to the simple fact that we are men, it is more than in general men don’t cover nearly half as much attention to their eyes as girls do. Fortunately, all that is changing now with guys becoming more interested in grooming and anti-aging. Maintaining the eyes healthy is currently high on many men’s ‘must-do’ lists, and much more so now with many skincare and cosmetic brands. We’ve lined up d effective remedies for putting the twinkle back into your eyes and providing a youthful increase.

Cucumber Slices

It’s a well-known actuality that cucumber is helpful to the eyes due to its soothing and cooling properties. Cucumber has a high water content that’s great for hydrating the skin around the eyes and primarily when used directly from the fridge.

Require two thick pieces of fresh lemon from the refrigerator and place them to cover the attention entirely. Lie back with your head flat or onto a tilt and break, letting the cucumber unwind and soothe skin for approximately 15 to 20 minutes. It will work wonders for your eyes and help in relaxing them, reducing puffiness.

Green Tea Bags

Another old trick that’s every bit as effective is putting cold tea bags on your eyes. However, this can also be dependent on what type of tea you use. Many swear that chamomile component soothes. It is also the perfect compress for weary eyes. Green tea is one of my favorite remedies for reducing dark circles and tired skin. It’s a well-known actuality that green tea takes a significant amount of the anti-oxidant Polyphenols, which then conveys the compound EGCG, a potent anti-inflammatory.

For best results, pit two green tea bags in a cup of boiling water then put in the fridge until cooled. Sit or lie back with your head and place one tea bag on each eye. The tea bags will decrease puffiness, dark circles, and also aid in treating damaged skin.

Drink Lots Of Water

Doctors can’t stress enough water is indeed essential to us. Water will help in maintaining your skin and help flush unwanted toxins from your body.

Always Apply Sunblock

Apply a small amount of sunblock around the eyes on top of your daily eye lotion regime. It will offer protection against the damaging effects of the environment, among the causes of premature aging.

Use Of Chilled Metal Teaspoon

Left in your refrigerator is great for achieving fast results for diminishing lines and puffiness.

Balanced Diet

It is the key to all-around general wellness. Adding fish like Mackerel and salmon, which are both high in Omega-3, will promote decent eye health.

What Causes Dark Circles For Men?

There are a lot of reasons that guys suffer from this, including it being hereditary. Dark circles may come from family genes through generations. Lack of sleep also contributes to dark circles or enhance existing ones. A lot of salt will produce puffiness (so try not to munch on savory snacks before bed); insufficient water and a bad diet may cause harm, not only to your own eyes but other portions of your body also.

The good news is that there are best treatements to remove dark circles. Remember, even if you don’t feel like carrying out a few of the remedies discussed in this article, keep your water intake high. Not only will it help keep your body healthy, but your skin will benefit enormously from the additional hydration and assist in fixing the skin.

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