How Pores and skin Dehydration Can Lead To Darkish Circles + How To Deal

If you needed another reason to keep up with adequate hydration, let it be this: “If you are dehydrated, this can cause the tissues of the body to shrink, including under-eye skin, making dark circles look more noticeable,” board-certified dermatologist and Youtube creator Andrea Suarez, M.D., FAAD once told mbg. So let it be known that filling up on adequate amounts of water throughout the day will encourage hydrated skin from within and perhaps even contribute to brightening those under-eye dark circles. 

But water isn’t the only option. Certain science-backed ingredients have been found to help boost internal skin hydration. One popular pick? Astaxanthin. Apart from the full-body benefits like cardiovascular support and brain health, astaxanthin is a wonder ingredient for aging skin and dark circles alike. 

In a recent double-blind clinical, participants reported significant improvement in moisture levels (especially around the eyes), overall improved elasticity, and appearance of tone.* Another recent double-blind clinical found that the ingredient can even help skin’s water-retention capacity.* 

It’s no wonder astaxanthin can be found in many beauty supplements today, along with other cutting-edge ingredients to help fade dark spots and smooth fine lines. Not sure where to look? Here are 13 of our best-voted beauty supplements to help get you started. 

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