How Do You Massage Bags Under Your Eyes?

By Larese De Guzman / August 7, 2020
Massage Bags Under Your Eyes

Relaxing bags under you can be a great way to eliminate this condition, but how do you do your massage bags under your eyes? Worry no more because we will share your tips on how to do it right. So, say goodbye to those eye bags now.

When it comes to massaging bags under your eyes, go outward and your eyebrows. Then gently go inward along with the top of your cheekbones going to your bridge nose. Circles your eyes three times, and press it firmly with your middle fingers in an upward direction to avoid sagginess. The pressure points are under the brow bone on either side of your nose, where your brows start.

One of the benefits of eye rubdown is it promotes blood circulation and a great way to relax. Moreover, it can also help in improving your skin tone. The best part of learning how to massage bags under your eyes is it’s easy, and, best of all, free. For your peace of mind, let us teach you how you can do it.

How Do You Massage Bags Under Your Eyes?

Reflexology is only applying pressure to different parts of the body to help alleviate ailments. While this doesn’t work for everyone, some people do seem to be helping. You can try points around your eyes or dots in other parts of your body for eyestrain.

Method 1 – Using Acupressure Points Near Your Eye

The first thing that you can in massaging bags under your eyes is to use acupressure around it. Find your way through their heads. Some people are effective in coping with eyestrain by massaging points around the eye. You should spend about 10 seconds on every single aspect. You can use either your fingertip or your knuckle to massage the dots gently. Try to keep your nail off your skin.

Massage bags under your eyes and not back and forth in small circles. Also, if you are using a fingertip, try to keep your finger straight. At specific points around the eye, such massage techniques apply. You will feel mild pain or contact depression at each point, to help you locate them.

Positioning Of Your Fingers

It’s that little hollow point where your nose bridge runs into your forehead. Rubbing it with eyestrain can help. Some claim the end is actually at this location, closer to the eye, on either side of the nose. Then, move to a spot below the eye. The place is just underneath your eye. Massage should be right in the center. 

Now, find the spot to massage at the outside corner of your eye. It will just be to the edge of your eye tip. Some people also suggest a position between the center at the bottom and top. Locate the eyebrow midpoint. In an eye massage, this spot is too right to work on it. Massage the spot gently straight over your eye. Some people even add a place along the eyebrow to the left and right of that spot.

Method 2 – Maximizing On Other Pressure Points

Tomassage bags under your eyes, find the manor to the sea. This point is at the base of the skull. It is right in the middle. Massaging this point with your fingertips helps some of the exhaustion in the head. You can also try to place the tip of your middle finger on this point and apply gentle pressure as you turn your head back to help apply that pressure. You can use your thumb, as well. Allegedly this point helps with most areas of the head, including the eyes.

Locate the Pillar of heaven. This location is two pressure points at the back of your neck. Find the skull’s base (where the wind mansion is), then move one inch downwards. Now, push one inch out through the muscles at the back of your neck on either side. Massaging each of these spots gently with your middle finger helps eyestrain some people. You may also apply pressure similar to the wind mansion process, except that you use both middle fingers.

Start Massaging

Massage your knuckles. The base of your three middle fingers- the ring finger, middle finger, and index finger- is another place to massage. Massage it with your thumb, where the knuckle meets your palm. Likewise, you should massage just above the knuckle. Flip your palm over to the other side as well for massage. To apply pressure, using a thumb-roll. Using your thumb-pad to hold back. Let it roll off, or bend your thumb up the knuckle. Shift up and down about ⅛ inch as you turn, and straighten your thumb.

Find the rush more significant. That spot is at your foot’s top. You can find it slightly down the foot, where the big toe reaches the small toe. You have to find some webbing. Currently, it’s not between the toes but above. Gently massage the region to your fingertips. You can also use your other foot’s heel to gently press into this point for 30 seconds, to make it easier. These are essential in massaging bags under your eyes

What Are The Benefits Of Massaging Bags Under Your Eyes?

People believe the eyes are the gateway into the soul. Our eyes represent our personality and thoughts whenever we have some social contact, be it at home, at work, or elsewhere. In the age of high-tech computers and social media, people are much more likely than ever to experience digital eyestrain. Eye massages have many health benefits you can take from it.

Benefit #1 – Massaging Bags Helps In Reducing Dark Circles Under Your Eyes

Dark circles can appear below the eyes due to a lack of sleep or general fatigue. Even if you’re well-rested, because of age, genetics, diet, or even allergies, you may still have dark circles under your eyes. Dark circles can make someone like a weary raccoon, no matter what the cause. Fortunately, an eye massager machine will potentially the darkness under your eyes and, with adequate care, it is possible to get rid of all those circles. 

Anything that targets the dark puffiness is due to the airbag compression technology. Not only do you look refreshed after using an under-eye massager, but you should also feel refreshed. This way, during social circumstances like work or when you’re on a date, you can feel more relaxed. Here are more ways to remove dark spots.

Benefit #2 – Massage Bags Under Your Eyes Helps Relieve Dry And Itchiness

Users also use eye drops to help alleviate dry or itchy eyes, but it can be a waste of money to purchase eye drops time and time again. Instead, you can get the relief you need when you invest in an eye massager machine without having to continue shelling out cash. An eye-massager tool can pay for itself in this way. Dry and itchy eyes can create red veins that will appear in your eyes’ whites.

Bloodshot eyes never look good, and people may think you’ve been watching TV all night or smoked too much. Using an eye massager tool will allow you to join in social situations without feeling bloodshot eyes self-conscious. Best of all, when those pesky sensations are gone, you’ll feel relaxed and comfortable.

Benefit #3 – It Helps Get Rid Of Eye Strain

Whether it’s coming from too much light or too much darkness, eye strain may lead to nasty headaches. There’s no excuse, but with modern technology, all of us should be dealing with eye strain. The troubles that follow even if it is true that most who have a desk job where we spend most of our time at a bright computer screen hunched over.

Massage bags under your eyes is one way of treating the eyes correctly and giving them time to heal from any overuse. You will soon see how such treatment will reduce the eye pressure and thus alleviate light sensitivity and avoid headaches that collapse the skull.

Benefit #4 – It Helps In Improving Your Mood

Some eye massager machines even have speakers capable of playing soft and soothing music to help you relax. If that wasn’t enough, there are even eye massager machines that incorporate mood lighting to help you get to new heights of relaxation and rejuvenation. Scientific studies have shown that light not only plays an enormous role in vision but also in how we feel and our ability to learn effectively.

You can feel calm and collected by switching the cold mood light on it. On the other hand, the warm mood light can be turned on to stimulate the brain and make your creative juices flow positively. Many people want to mix all types of light to bring a healthy spark in their eyes so they can feel at the top of their game.

Benefit #5 – It Helps In Removing Wrinkles

A bunch of wrinkles is the single most unsightly indicator of aging. Wrinkles are sometimes called crow’s feet under and around the eyes, and they can make you look older than you are. The fear of aging is a common phenomenon, and it is becoming a real problem in life from earlier and earlier ages onwards. Women in their 20s are beginning to be very worried about how age affects their looks.

Although worry about aging can sound a bit dumb when you’re so young, you can still build behaviors early to ensure that the effects of aging are reduced as much as possible. The best eye massager will lower the magnitude of these wrinkles and give you a fresher, younger look. Over time, you’ll start looking more youthful with such healthy and vibrant eyes than you’re actually, rather than older. In such a rejuvenated state, when you hang out with friends or go on a serious date, you can feel much more confident.

Benefit #6 – It Helps In Preventing Glaucoma

Increased pressure in the eyes can cause glaucoma, an eye disease that can cause terrifying symptoms such as damage to the optic nerves, and reduced vision. But it doesn’t end there; high eye pressure can also give you severe eye pain, vomiting, lights around halos, and odd visual disturbances. Eventual blindness is the worst consequence of glaucoma and complete blindness.

Keep in mind that the normal range for healthy eye pressure is between 12-22 mm Hg, but when eye pressure begins to reach the 22 mm Hg level, it can signify glaucoma. A massage to reduce eye pressure is still one way you can prevent or treat glaucoma symptoms, despite this related possibility.

Benefit #6 – It Helps In Relieving Sore Muscles

Just because you’re not bench-pressing with your eyeballs doesn’t mean there aren’t many muscles going into your eyes’ everyday use. There are six muscles attached to each of your eyeballs to look around quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, the eyelids are pairs of muscles that blink continuously to help shield the eyes from dirt, sweat, and sunlight.

Blinking will also keep the eyes moisturized and healthy, and the tears used to avoid eye infections can also help as they contain potent antibodies. With that in mind, taking some time out of your day and dedicating it to relieving any muscle soreness around your eyes makes sense. An eye massager can use gentle airbags to target and soothe the more delicate areas of your eyes, so they feel better than ever.

Benefit #7 – It Helps In Firming Your Skin

Another sign of aging is loose skin around and inside the face. Machines that massage your temples are the best eye-massager. Stimulating this pressure point not only melts your exhaustion, but it also allows your facial skin to firm up. If you already have signs of drooping or hanging skin, you shouldn’t worry, because an eye massage can help lift some of that skin, so it appears tighter.

It’s always nice to invest in your skin. Once you see the results from using an eye massager machine regularly, you will be happy to have taken the step to protect your eyes and other facial features.

Benefit #8 – Massage Bags Under your Eyes Helps In Brightening Your Look

If you don’t like using contacts, you’re stuck with the color of the eye in which you were born. However, you can still take steps to ensure your eyes are all they could be, whether brown, blue, or green. An eye massager machine also uses soothing warm air to increase blood circulation around your eyes, which results in a brighter, more hypersensitive gaze. Coupled with an engaging smile, no man or woman can resist your gaze.

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