How Can I Get Rid of Dark Circles During Pregnancy?

Pregnant women are more prone to having dark circles under the eyes if you are one of them, how can you get rid of dark circles during pregnancy? Due to numerous changes internally and externally, the occurrence of dark circles is often too obvious. 

Dark circles denote sleep deprivation, stress, etc. If you have noticed dark circles during your term, as a summary, here are some ways to help you get rid of it.

  1. Exercise
  2. Get enough sleep
  3. Eat foods with high vitamins and minerals.
  4. Try essential oils and herbal teas.
  5. Drink plenty of water, more than what you’ve been drinking when you weren’t pregnant.

Pregnancy will always affect a woman’s body in many ways, and dark circles under the eyes maybe one of them. It could be an effect of other pregnancy-related factors. Dramatic shifts during pregnancy may keep on happening throughout gestation and after delivery. So, here are some ways to help you get rid of dark circles during pregnancy.

Dark Circles During Pregnancy – Can Pregnant Woman Get It?

There are chances that you can get dark circles while you’re pregnant, even after the delivery. In medical terms, doctors call dark circles during the eyes as melasma or the mask of pregnancy. Dark circles usually occur when the melanin in the skin begins to build up around the eyes. Fortunately, there are ways of getting rid of it. 

The Causes Of Dark Circles During Pregnancy

Pigmentation is just one of the many reasons regarding the appearance of dark circles during pregnancy. Apart from it, there are other causes that may trigger this condition, which we will talk about in a while. Just remember, it is better to consult these dark circles with your doctor to make sure that you and your baby are safe during the whole course of your pregnancy.

Factor #1 – Hormonal Changes

The body of a pregnant woman is under frequent hormonal shifts or variations. These fluctuations may affect the blood vessels and cause more blood to dilate. The skin under the lips, on the other areas of the neck, is very soft and finer than flesh. Under the eyes, the dilated blood vessels offer a darkened undertone that we generally term dark circles.

Factor #2 – Lack Of Exercise

Exercising also allows the body to get adequate oxygen. The blood of a good individual is normally light red in color. It is how the blood contains large quantities of oxygen. Lack of activity, as oxygen absorption is decreased, the blood color is bluish-black, resulting in dark areas on the face. If your condition is not sensitive, as much as possible, find time to stretch and do some small exercises.

Factor #3 – Lack Of Sleep

Sleep deficiency or poor sleep is a significant cause of dark circles because it does not allow the skin adequate time to regenerate and rebuild itself. It often induces tension on the eyes which results in dark circles under them.

Factor #4 – Fluid Retension

The accumulation of fluids is a typical issue that many pregnant people face. While it does not specifically contribute to dark circles, that is certainly a path of inflammation, which may contribute to blood build-up in infected regions. If there is an infection under the pupils, that can result in dark circles forming.

Typically, the dark circles will go away even through rest and a good diet. Severe inflammations can need medical treatment though. The second you find dark circles during labor, should you run to a doctor? You can 1try some of our helpful tips for taking care of those dark circles at home, which we will speak about in a bit.

How To Get Rid Of Dark Circles During Pregnancy?

It is frustrating to see those dark circles under the eyes, so here are some tips on how you can get rid of it. Take note that these are only effective if you don’t have any other underlying conditions. Dark circles by other diseases may require other medications.

The Magic Of Cucumber

Cucumber provides one of the safest treatments. They make your skin smooth and make you feel lighter. Of course, you may add the raw and thick slices to the region, but if you need a shift there is one more solution. You may even grate a fresh cucumber and strain the extract to get the concentrate. Dip the extract from the cotton balls and then spread on the dark spots. Repeat the same day again, and proceed before optimal findings are obtained.

You may also combine the cucumber and lemon juice, on the other side. Each performs well independently but, when combined together, will ramp up. Dip the cotton balls, then apply them to the region impacted. Let it stay for 15 minutes, and then wash it with cold water. Repeat for at least a week on the cure.

The Right Foods

You can use raw cucumber boosting potatoes and use them the same way. You may also apply lemon juice to the lentil flour, then apply some pureed tomato and pure turmeric paste. Mix all the mixtures together, then add them to the eyespot. It is another treatment you can get ready at home. In addition, they prefer to eat new and fibrous vegetables and fruits. They should drive the chemicals out of the body and avoid dark circles. For short, eat a balanced diet to prevent dark circles during pregnancy.

Have A Peaceful Mind

You should consider meditating because it keeps the body calm and increases skin health. It is necessary for easy treatment of obscure circles. As much as possible, free your mind from worries and fears. Live a happy and healthy life.

Avoid Too Many Sweets

Seek to scale down on sugar intake. If you feed sweet often you may have more risk of getting dark circles.

Oils And Herbals

You may use rose water so make sure it’s pure or of high quality. It is good for eye calming and skin relaxing. There’s a magical cure to treat the eyes with cool bags of water. To cool down you clearly need two used green tea bags. Another treatment that cures dark circles well is almond oil. Apply the region with some raw almond oil and let it fall overnight. Repeat every night, before the required effects are reached.

Tips In Curing Dark Circles During Pregnancy

In addition to these home remedies, you may also seek some of this basic treatments to enhance the drainage of blood under your eyes through massages and facial yogas. It will defintiely help you get rid of undereye dark circles during pregnancy.

  • Do not take aerated liquids during breastfeeding.
  • Look for a diet high in vitamin C.
  • Using fresh cream with milk and add to fast results under the eyes.
  • Apply raw almond oil under your lips, and allow it to stay overnight.
  • Crush the leaves of the basil, remove the liquid and blend with the tomato juice. Apply them all over your skin, even under your hair. Clean it 5 to 6 minutes later.
  • Also, it can be helpful to put cold tea bags under your eyes.
  • Soak some cotton in rose tea, suck out the excess water and hold your attention on the fabric. You can even take a brief 10-minute nap before the power works on the rose water.
  • To relieve discomfort and to sleep well, meditate, and perform relaxing exercises.
  • Slices of cucumber or raw potato will even keep the eyes moist and boost the drainage of the blood surrounding it.

How Can Pregnant Women Prevent Dark Circles Under The Eyes?

During pregnancy, there are a few approaches you can do to eliminate the presence of dark circles. Remember, it is still better to ask for some advice from your doctor.

  • Stay hydrated with drinking water, and keep the skin moisturized.
  • Using cool towels to reduce tension on the eyes and calm the nerves.
  • Apply slices of frozen cucumber and lemon on your head.
  • Work out daily.
  • Do not use makeup or creams that have harsh additives around the skin.

Frequently Asked Questions

Finally, let us answer some of the most common questions from other pregnant women who have been having problems regarding dark circles during pregnancy.

Can pregnancy change your face?

The skin shifts through pregnancy. You may remember that you find changes in your skin and hair as your pregnancy progresses. Several people develop dark spots on their faces and allow hormonal changes making the skin a little darker. Pregnancy influences both your hair and your nose.

What is a pregnancy mask?

Melasma is one such form of hyperpigmentation. This disorder is distinguished by patches of tan or gray, most often on the nose. Melasma may appear in pregnant women and is sometimes referred to as the “pregnancy mask.” However, this disorder can also arise in people that are not pregnant.

Do you glow with a boy or a girl?

People have a saying that your skin would glow if you are carrying a girl in your womb. On the other hand, your skin would look drier if it is a boy. However, none of these are true. Your skin gets affected by the way you live as well as hormonal changes.


If you want to get rid of dark circles under the eyes during pregnancy, you have to live a healthy and active life. Consult your doctor regarding some exercises that are safe for you. Eat the right foods and avoid consuming too much junk foods. Here are more tips on getting read of dark circles effectively.

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