Hourglass’ Eye Balm Fades Darkish Circles and Wrinkles

Considering the $95 price tag, it’s no wonder some reviewers went in skeptical of whether or not the pot of skincare was worth it. Yet per one convert, they saw a “significant change” in their lifelong dark circles within a week of using the treatment, and others echoed the transformative effects. “Fine lines, and even deeper wrinkles, were considerably smoother,” wrote another. 

The key to its potency? Fats, baby! May we love them, eat them, and slather them on. According to the brand, the Eye Balm draws on a medley of fatty acids like phospholipids and prolipids, in tandem with glycerin, ascorbic acid, and extracts from dates and cocoa. Combined, these ingredients make the formula so comforting, even people on the hospital night shift say it helps them look less tired. 

Vitamin C in the ascorbic acid form is likely behind the “noticeably” brighter dark circles another customer saw, a result multiple people with hereditary darkness mentioned. With the product in their routine, they said they’ve received comments on how much more “well-rested” they look — a boon for people who can’t quit scrolling Twitter late at night. 

One enthusiast said the luxury night cream keeps their eyes from being “saggy and dark,” while another confirmed the Eye Balm is something special. “After just one use I noticed my eyes did not look as puffy,” the same reviewer said. “The skin around my eyes looks smooth for the first time.” The formula’s thick nature means application only takes two dabs the size of a grain of rice for the moisture to last all night, which one 42 year-old appreciated. “I definitely feel like my eye area is more plump — I don’t see my wrinkles at all, which shocks me.” 

If you want to try the find that still more people dubbed “worth the investment” for “undeniable” results, get the Equilibrium Intensive Hydrating Eye Balm for $95 at Hourglass Cosmetics’ website or Sephora.

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