Having darkish circles is an indication of this severe illness, watch out

Diabetes is a major threat which is found in every other person in today’s time. Due to this disease, the blood sugar level in the body starts increasing. Yes, and when blood sugar increases excessively, it proves to be very dangerous because it damages the vessels that carry essential nutrients to the nerves. For this reason it is important that you control the blood sugar level. Let us tell you that when the blood sugar level increases, apart from the body, its signs are also seen on the skin, such as dark circles, loosening of the skin and swelling of the eyes. Yes and all these things indicate that the blood sugar level in your body is high. Let us tell you that when diabetes becomes very difficult to manage and the blood sugar level becomes excessively high, then many changes start appearing in the skin.

Most common symptom of diabetes – Dryness of the skin is one of the most common symptoms of diabetes. Actually this happens because blood sugar starts pulling fluid from the cells. At the same time, the body produces urine to remove the excessive amount of sugar. Water is needed to get the sugar out of the body and due to not getting enough water, the problem of dehydration starts. Due to this, looseness in the skin and swelling in the eyes starts appearing. Along with this, the glycation process starts getting damaged due to diabetes.

Due to this, the stretch starts decreasing from the skin and dark circles appear around the eyes. Along with this, due to less stretch, the skin becomes very loose. With this, if the color of the skin around your neck has started to darken, then it means that the level of insulin in your blood has increased. Yes and the medical name of this skin condition is Acanthosis Nigricans. Acanthosis nigricans can also be a sign of diabetes.

Apart from this, diabetic patients may also have to face the problem of ulcers on the skin. The pain in these ulcers is less as compared to the ulcers that come out after burning the skin. Yes, these blisters are quite big. Apart from this, the skin of some parts of the body becomes very hard or tough.

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