Google Pixel 6 models endure from odd Darkish Circles on their show

The Google Pixel 6 series was launched back in 2021 and saw many praises across the board. However, the device suffered from various software related issues soon after that turned away many buyers. While most of these were fixed soon after, it appears that some Pixel 6 units are now facing a mysterious hardware issue too now.

As per a few Reddit users, the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro models are facing an odd issue that affects the display of these devices. One of the Pixel 6 series users stated that the Pixel 6 Pro had a dark circle or spot on the display. This issue is not an isolated incident, since other Redditors also claimed that they have also seen a mysterious spot on their Pixel series models as well. Although, this dark circle is typically only visible from an angle and not when you’re directly viewing at the screen straight on.

Furthermore, it is not noticeable when the display is turned on. So it doesn’t affect the user experience directly. As per some of the users, these spots might have been created by air or some moisture trapped under the glass of the display panel. One Redditor stated that “My wife has something similar on her P6. I read somewhere citric acid can damage the screen coating. She had been making a lemon cake a few hours before we spotted it, so I’d say there is a good chance that was it.”

One Pixel 6 owner claimed that this Pixel 6 had around 12 little spots on his phone’s screen. While another stated that “I got two spots too, and I know what is in my case, I vape, I saw how a drop of liquid fell on the screen and left the stain, it seems that the oil protector of the screen is bad.” It remains to be seen if its the fault of the users, or whether its some other form of hardware defect that surfaces over time.



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