Fake darkish circles, freckles and tooth gaps: Make-up traits that remember you as you might be

If you’ve been camouflaging your freckles with concealer and foundation and looking for ways to hide your dark circles, it’s time you stopped! Why? Because viral makeup trends on social media are all about flaunting freckles, unibrows, under-eye circles and even tooth gaps now, albeit with faux ‘imperfections’, created with makeup products. These trends are helping promote body and skin positivity and dismantle beauty standards.

“Initially, many found them bizarre and even controversial, but with a bunch of popular social media influencers and makeup artistes popularising this trend, the internet is grateful that these people are trying to flip the script and normalise who they are,” says celebrity makeup artiste Caroll Joseph, adding, “This is similar to Bollywood actress Malaika Arora sporting her stretch marks and Anusha Dandekar flaunting pigmentation because it pushes others to be comfortable in their own skin. Such trends are sending out powerful messages to everyone to love themselves for who they are.”

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