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Facial Colorado SpringsLooking to get a facial in Colorado Springs? Trust The Waxing Bee with your beauty regimen. With a wide range of services performed at an affordable price, you’re going to find The Waxing Bee is able to meet all of your needs.

Visit the waxing salon locals consider the best facial waxing provider in all of Colorado Springs. Whether you’re looking for an eyebrow wax, a quick touch up to your upper lip, chin, nose or facial sides or a full face wax, services are always affordable- typically much more affordable than other salons in the CO Springs area.

Getting an eyebrow wax at The Waxing Bee is a very quick and affordable event, costing only $15 and taking just a few minutes of your time. Eyebrow waxing makes the eyes look their very best with minimum effort and time. The professional estheticians at The Waxing Bee perform the best eyebrow waxes in the city at about half the cost some other salons charge.

For the removal of unwanted facial hair, waxing is Colorado Springs’ first choice for service offered by salons. Shaving tends to create a more masculine stubble look that women usually want to avoid. Waxing, on the other hand, ensures that hairs that do grow in will come in softer and finer, eliminating the look of stubble. Waxing provides a long-lasting result, typically from 4-6 weeks, unlike shaving that must be tended to on a daily or every other day basis.

Professional facial waxing in Colorado Springs’ The Waxing Bee will leave your facing looking and feeling smooth and beautiful. As a very convenient method of removing unwanted facial hair, waxing has become the number one means of getting the results clients want. Your esthetician can offer the kind of precision you’re looking for within the confines of your facial features, ensuring you look your best.

Compare the cost of waxing with laser hair removal and you’ll find it is a very affordable way to complement any beauty regimen. DIY methods of facial waxing are extremely messy and can tend to be a bit of a challenge when it comes to the eyebrows. Let a qualified expert work wonders on your eyebrows and give you the effortlessly-smooth look and feel you want with your face.

The Waxing Bee proudly maintains a no double-dipping policy when it comes to waxing, meaning you’ll never have to worry about germs or bacteria being in the wax container. Each stick is dipped into the wax only one time, used a single time on a client and then tossed out. While this does cost the salon more to employ, it ensures the absolute health and safety of their customers.

Schedule an affordable facial in Colorado Springs at The Waxing Bee by calling 719-424-7293 or stop by when you’re in the area. The Waxing Bee is conveniently located at 3952 North Academy Blvd in Suite E. Take advantage of The Waxing Bee’s loyalty program by becoming a permanent valued customer. Facial Colorado Springs

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