Eliminate ‘darkish circles and puffiness’ across the eyes ‘the right means’ – prices £2.69

Dark circles and puffiness under the eyes can develop as a natural part of ageing, however certain skincare treatments can help to reduce their appearance and help your skin glow. Skincare expert Scott McGlynn, who is the creator and host of Celebrity Skin Talk and Acne Uncovered, has shared an easy tip which won’t break the bank.

Scott shared the tip in an Instagram video with his audience of 270K followers.

He explained that tea has hugely beneficial effects for improving skin around the eyes, however, people often get the hack wrong when trying it themselves. Scott said: “The correct way to improve dark circles and puffiness. Total spent £2.69.

“This teabag method can be really messy. The teabag can’t even fit on the eye and you have tea dripping down your face. But I have a hack for you. Get a reusable makeup remover pad to put in the tea.

“Rinse it and just apply to the eyes without any drips going down your face. And don’t forget that it helps improve the appearance of dark circles, redness and puffiness. Its definitely time to unwind and rest those eyes.”

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Black and green teas also contain flavonoids and tannins, two forms of antioxidants, which help to tighten the skin and draw out fluid to further alleviate puffiness.

Herbal teas are also beneficial thanks to their calming and soothing properties. They may help to reduce inflammation, puffiness and irritation.

Experts from Healthline add: “Rooibos and green tea may also be useful in reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.”

Already fans of Scott have applauded his hack, with a commenter named Diana describing the method as “a great tip”. User Avital added: “Amazing helpful tips.”

How to reduce dark circles under the eyes, redness and puffiness with tea at home

To begin, steep a teabag normally in the same way you would if you were making a cup of tea to drink.

Squeeze out the excess liquid from the bags, and then allow the liquid to cool. To speed up this process, you can pop them in the refrigerator for 10 to 20 minutes.

Using Scott’s method, dip two reusable cotton pads into the tea, and then squeeze to make sure they are not oversaturated. Place the teabags onto closed eyes for between 10 and 20 minutes.

Healthline recommends using your fingertips to apply gentle pressure to your eyes or gently massage the area around your eyes. For added relief, the experts also recommend covering them with slices of cool cucumber.

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