Easy steps to cowl darkish circles

By Dark Circles Free / December 25, 2022

It could seem impossible to avoid black circles no matter how hard we try. There a number of reasons why black circles occur, including a restless night or a poor diet. The next best thing is to cover them up with cosmetics because entirely eliminating them can need a lot of patience. It’s important one learns how to apply eye makeup correctly.

The key word here is appropriately because of all the aforementioned factors (such as thin skin, sensitive skin, and blood vessels), it’s simple for makeup to seem clumpy in this area, making your under-eyes appear more prominently than they should. Following these simple steps, here’s how you can get cover up dark circles with makeup:

Depuff the eyes:  Massage the region around the eyes with an ice pack, cool eye gels, or a cool teaspoon. The pressure can trigger the body’s natural response to empty the localised fluid pool, while the coolness aids in constriction of the blood arteries.

Moisturise: Apply the usual facial moisturiser. Apply some moisturising cream to the region under your eyes as well, gently massaging it in with your ring finger as you go from inside to outside.

Prime: Allow your moisturiser to absorb entirely for two to three minutes. Then apply primer around your eyes with your ring finger. By priming, the skin will be more even and any makeup will last longer.

Colour-correct: Start colour correcting once the primer has dried for 3 to 5 minutes. Red-tinted colour correctors for dark skin tones are effective at covering dark circles. An orange-toned colour corrector will work on lighter, wheat-coloured skin. Apply it all over the blackened eye area, then wait a few minutes for it to dry naturally. The darkish area is neutralised by colour restoration, making it appear bright and youthful. Despite the fact that it might appear absurd at the moment, the next step will change that.

Apple concealer: Use a light-reflective formula that is somewhat lighter than your skin tone on the under-eyes to brighten the area. It’s crucial to choose a concealer that complements your skin tone. You need a concealer that is denser, matte, and firm and does not crease if you have fine lines. You can select a more moisturising liquid solution for skin that is comparatively smooth. Choose a creamy stick or a pot for extra pigment. Use a synthetic bristle brush to apply tiny spots of concealer to the outer corner and inner third of the eye. Then push-press it in with the pads of your fingers. Avoid reaching too near to the lashes because doing so might lead to build-up and creasing. Add additional pigment in thin layers if necessary.

Set with powder: Use translucent powder as the last step. This is crucial because it will absorb any oils, stop creasing, and maintain the layers of makeup securely in place. Apply translucent powder with a dry triangle makeup sponge to the undereye region. After letting it sit for five minutes, use a soft brush to remove any extra dust.


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