Easy methods to deal with underneath eye darkish circles

Dark circles are a combination of various components like pigmentation( darkening) , wrinkling, anatomical variations like deep set eyes or tear troughs (the depressions under the eyes) which together contribute to a darkened appearance. There is no instant solution. These can be reduced by a combination of various techniques such as skin tightening, eye peels, hyaluronic fillers to correct tear trough and eye creams for home care.

Dark circles can be a major skin problem for many people especially women.So they try to hide those circles by using many type of eye creams which may not be good for eyes.After some time your eye will not look so good and that will spoil your overall look. Irregular sleep can cause dark circles,dull skin and the stress it has on our body can cause breakouts.

Eyelid Surgery: Incision taken in hidden areas creases help in the correction of drooping upper eyelids by removing excess fat, skin and muscle. Puffy bags below the eyes are rectified by either a removal or repositioning of the bulging / herniated fat in a lower lid blepharoplasty.Pamper your self with timely facials, use skin specific moisturiser, stick to super foods & water, sleep enough to avoid puffy eyes.

You could try home remedies like…..applying cool tea bags on the eyes and waiting for 15 mins…..applying cucumber juice and potato juice..Put them on your face the abundance of antioxidants like ascorbic acid, caffeic acid and silica inside a cucumber helps rejuvenate the skin in a quick and easy manner.

The facial helps attain firmer and younger looking skin. It smoothens lines and wrinkles, It lightens dark circles and eliminates puffy eyes, It helps enhance skin elasticity and reduce sagging.

If you are going to a party in this hot weather you can hide your dark circles and puffy eyes with makeup. For dark circles try moisturising the skin before makeup followed by a concealer ,try using a smudge proof eyeliner and kohl pencil. can also try using a light eyeshadow under the eyes as a concealer check the color that suits you.

Even after getting enough sleep some patients do not respond to improvement in the dark circles also vitamin B injections and injection Glutathione help in improving dark circles.

Dark circles or under a hollows can be treated with natural or bio filler using patients own blood and Plasma in a gel form.

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