Dwell Tinted Coloration Correctors for Darkish Circles Are on Sale

If you have dark under-eye circles, you probably know the difficulty of covering them with concealer alone. No matter how pigmented the formula, a little shadow usually manages to peek through — which is why color correcting to balance out the darkness makes such an enormous difference. And for today only, some of the best multitasking color correctors in the biz are half off at Ulta.   

Live Tinted’s Huestick Correctors were born out of necessity; founder Deepica Mutyala originally used orangey red lipstick as a hack to counter her dark spots, and after her 2015 video on the trick went viral (the effect is wild), she developed the brand’s hero product to give shoppers a more elegant solution. The brand’s Huestick Correctors all contain some orange pigments to balance the blue and purple of under eye shadows and hyperpigmentation, but with ingredients you’d find in any great skincare product. 

Namely, that includes hyaluronic acid, squalane, vitamin C, and vitamin E, so you’re getting hydration and skin-brightening antioxidants every time you scribble on the chubby stick (we’re always here for a quick fix that carries long-term benefits). And according to shoppers, the instant effect is a godsend for their troubles. “Especially brown girls or girls with dark under eyes or hyperpigmentation, you will not find a better color corrector than this,” wrote one fan. “It makes such a big difference when I use [shade] Rise before my concealer.” 

Shop now: $12 (Originally $24); ulta.com

Others called it an “absolute game changer” that makes their dark spots vanish, and because the shades play equally well as lipstick, blush, and eyeshadow, they can use it as their entire routine. “Best under-eye brightener for me, hands down,” added another user, and people have even used it to cover their forehead veins on a makeup artist’s recommendations. 

Followers of celebrity makeup artist Allan Avendaño know this is one of his favorite tricks. Jenna Dewan frequently posts Instagrams of the bright orange patches Avendaño lays down over her melasma before foundation, and the effect is seamless. The fear with color correcting is always that it’ll shine through foundation, but that’s not the case with Huesticks — they blend easily into your skin, and look undetectable under makeup.   

And per customers, they come with one last benefit: The Huesticks are so smooth that when worn as a blush, they easily hide “massive pores.” As the same person wrote, they’re a “surprise hit that has become a must-have.” One will normally run you $24, but for Ulta’s 21 Days of Beauty sale, they’re marked down to $12 for today only. If you’re interested, hop on them before they’re gone.

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