Drew Barrymore, 47, Shares the Product She Makes use of to Conceal Her ‘Crypt-Keeper Darkish Circles’

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  • Drew Barrymore got candid about her must-have beauty product, her health and wellness journey, and how she became a vegetarian, in a new interview with Prevention.

  • Barrymore, 47, revealed her go-to color corrector for concealing under-eyes: FLOWER Beauty’s Chill Out Smoothing Color Corrector.

  • “I’ve really focused on mental wellness and my spiritual path and trying to quiet the critical voice,” she said. “I have just put one foot in front of the other…”

Beginning her career in E.T. at just six years old, Drew Barrymore has spent plenty of time in hair and makeup over her decades-long career. And thankfully, she’s shared her wealth of beauty knowledge with fans, letting them in on everything from her favorite drugstore eye cream to the $7 lip balm she keeps “in every pocket,” to the hydrating eye patches she loves to de-puff under eyes.

Now, in a recent interview with Prevention, the 47-year-old shared her latest beauty infatuation (which comes from her own brand) Flower Beauty’s Chill Out Smoothing Color Corrector.

“I have the crypt keeper dark circles,” Barrymore jokes—but says this product is so effective at concealing her under-eye circles that she can forego a step in her makeup routine. “I don’t even have to have concealer on top of it, [Chill Out Smoothing Color Corrector] matches your skin tone really well—you can put it under your concealer. But it’s a game-changer. That is my product to recommend right now.”

As for her wellness routine, that’s understandably a more involved question. After all, she wears so many hats these days as a mother of two, host of her eponymous talk show, the mind behind FLOWER Beauty, and the Chief Mom Officer for Quorn, a vegetarian chicken alternative. Despite all that’s on her plate, the star somehow also manages to keep it real. In fact, she’ll be the first to say that not everything is as peachy as her go-to color corrector.

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“I don’t have a day where I stay centered,” she says. “I feel like I’m on fire on the inside 24/7 so if anybody relates to that, awesome.”

While she’s open about being “a constant work in progress,” she’s still always trying to better herself. “I’m psyched when I do drink 100 ounces of water a day. It does happen. There are days I exercise and there are many I don’t. I try to eat very healthily, I get in really good stones and rhythms, and then I get in total porker with my remote control and my Postmates app and I sabotage for days on end and then have to undo that damage. So I’m pretty much living on a seesaw, I put my kids and my work first and I’m burning the candle at both ends—I’m on the back burner.” Celebrities, they’re just like us!

“That being said I’ve really focused on mental wellness and my spiritual path and trying to quiet the critical voice and get productive and fight the helplessness we feel right now in the world. And I have just put one foot in front of the other so that’s pretty much my routine.”

One constant aspect of her routine? Being vegetarian. “I haven’t eaten chicken in 13 years, I read a book called Eating Animals and that was it—never ate chicken again,” she says. This, along with growing up vegetarian likely led to her partnership with Quorn. “I was a customer before I was a Chief Mom Officer,” she says. “I do believe it is the next great resource.”

No matter what she’s up to—making us laugh on her talk show or touting a chicken alternative—one thing is clear: Barrymore is beautiful on the inside and out. And we can’t wait to see what the future holds for her.

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