Do you could have outstanding below eye darkish circles? Attempt protecting them with blush

After ditching their mascara for Vaseline and testing out the “W blush” technique, TikTok users have now turned their attention to a new beauty trick: under eye blush.

This makeup trick has gone viral in recent weeks, and involves applying blush under the eyes to help hide dark circles. Strangely, this new beauty hack is going down a storm.

Trend incubator TikTok has a particular talent for finding new uses for beauty products.

Replacing mascara with Vaseline, using tape as a wrinkle-buster, a fork as a brush, or even lipstick as eyeshadow are just some of the tricks that have been particularly successful on the Chinese social network.

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Users aren’t finished yet. The latest top trend sees concealer – the usual go-to for hiding dark circles – overshadowed by blush.

Surprising, at first glance, this improbable new “under eye blush” technique simply involves applying blush under the eyes to mask dark circles and bags.

Each user has their own specific method, but the trend has really taken hold on the social network, with no less than 4.6 million views for the #undereyeblush hashtag. And considering the comments posted under each of the videos, the tip is a totally unexpected success.

The American makeup artist @paintedbyspencer is among the first users to have shown off this new method.

In a short video, the TikToker can be seen applying powder blush under the eyes, while explaining why this technique is not only effective but also foolproof.

The makeup pro believes that it brings a certain radiance, unlike concealer alone, and recommends choosing a pink, coral or peach blush, preferably in a matte version to avoid highlighting pores or fine lines.

While many users carefully follow the technique explained by the makeup artist, others have chosen to go their own way with a different take on the trend.

This is the case of the user @makeupbyalissiac, who proposes one such variation.

Here, the TikToker first applies a pink liquid blush, then covers it with a touch of concealer, and blends it all in before adding a touch of powder blush to mattify. And there’s no denying that the result is amazing.

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Most users who have tried this new beauty trick seem surprised – and delighted – with the results, after previously thinking that blush could only emphasise dark circles.

Evidently, this is not the case. And its success is perhaps even more surprising considering that, just a few months ago, users swore by lipstick under the eyes, for the same purpose.

However, as the weeks go by, there’s always something new on TikTok. – AFP Relaxnews

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