Do away with darkish circles through the use of almond oil

By Dark Circles Free / November 20, 2022

First Published Nov 20, 2022, 3:38 PM IST

Almond is considered the “King Of Nuts” since it is full of healthy fats, fibre, vitamins, phytochemicals, and minerals, making it a nutritional powerhouse! And, therefore is extremely popular for its various benefits for hair, body, and skin. Read on to find out what they are.  

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Almond oil is everyone’s favourite because it is used in multiple ways for skin and hair care. It can help prevent stretch marks and protect your skin from sun damage. Almond oil has properties of Vitamin E in them, which helps in promote healthy skin. Hyperpigmentation, stress, genetics, ageing or lack of sleep can cause the skin around the eyes to get darker. So without further delay, let us look at how almond oil should include almond oil in your skincare routine if you want to get rid of dark circles.  

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Almond oil massage: You can start cleansing your face before going to bed at night and then apply some drops of almond oil on your fingertips and massage them gently around your eyes. Doing this every night and washing it off in the morning.

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Almond oil and honey Pack: Mix a drop of honey with four drops of almond oil, apply it around your eyes before bed, and you can wash it off in the morning. Both have moisturising elements, which will help repair the skin slowly and steadily.

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Milk and almond oil pack: Milk has anti-ageing, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant elements that can help you brighten your skin. You can mix a few drops of milk in your almond oil and apply them gently around the eyes, and you can help slowly reduce the dark circles around your eyes. 

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Rose water and almond oil pack: Rose water can help in brighten your skin and can also reduce pigmentation in your skin. For better results, you can mix rose water with a few drops of almond oil and gently massage it around your eyes in a circular motion for some time. Apply it at night, and you can wash it in the morning.

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