Dermalogica’s Awaken Eye Cream Is Greatest for Puffiness, Luggage, and Darkish Circles

Awaken entered the world on January 6, yet early reviewers can’t say enough good things about the power-packed formula. “No one will know that you’re burning the candle at both ends with this,” wrote one person. “Dark circles faded away. Puffiness went poof! Disappeared. I definitely look more well rested, despite the few hours I manage to sneak in.” 

Most eye creams make you wait weeks, if not months to see results, but per shoppers who saw their puffy eye bags deflate “almost instantly,” this one’s cracked the code for fast consequences. As you can probably tell from the name, the formula takes a peptide-led approach; the ingredient helps to increase skin’s firmness, board-certified dermatologist Kavita Mariwalla, MD, previously told Real Simple. 

Dermalogica’s formula pairs its peptide with caffeine, which restricts blood vessels, along with line-reducing lactic acid and jojoba oil for moisture. A root extract from Indian mint, coleus forskohlii, takes down inflammation, and succinic acid hydrates and softens skin while adding antioxidants. The combination minimizes puffiness like never before, according to reviewers. 

“Wow! I can’t believe how well this eye cream works to bring down the puffiness,” wrote a devotee. “I always wake up with dark, puffy eyes and after I cleanse, I use the eye cream. Within 15 minutes, the puffiness is substantially reduced… Works beautifully under concealer, too.” More people note that they saw a “huge difference” within a week of bringing the gel into their routine, even those who’ve previously been disappointed by eye creams. 

The packaging is also smart. Unlike bottles that hide a few last, hard-to-reach dabs of product, Dermalogica’s squeeze tube gives up the goods easily—an essential aspect if you’re feeling low. “Being down with COVID-19 at the moment, my eyes have been pretty puffy and looked awful,” wrote a user. “While the jury is still out on long-lasting effects, it has really made my eyes feel nice and look better already.”

In the words of a last fan, “I love the way it takes five years off my eyes.” Intrigued? Try it for $56 via Dermalogica’s website. 

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