Custom Jewelry Beverly Hills

Custom Jewelry Beverly Hills

Are you looking for a store to buy a special gift? Is it a gift for your mom’s birthday or an engagement ring for your fiancée? No worries, we, at custom jewelry in Beverly Hills offer you customized pieces of jewelry that you want.  We have gold and diamond jewels to choose from with different designs.

Top Jewelry Designers

When it comes to jewelry designs, these four designers have their unique pieces of developing jewelry. We top them as the best jewelry designers in the world. Here are the four jewelry designers:

  • Zorab Creation– is worldly known for creating joyful jewelry inspired by nature. They created the pieces ideally for women. They made creative, colorful and very complicated designs to make a woman feels elegant and beautiful. They have diamond drop earrings, sapphire diamond cocktail ring and many designs to choose from.
  • LEALOR Designs – is the only company who offers real diamond jewelry in the world. Because they are expert in designing diamond ring, they are known now as the maker of engagement rings. Each design is 100% handmade, so it has its style. Of course, the quality is their trademark. They will give you the most beautiful and elegant engagement ring you deserve.
  • Nomination – is the best for creating gold and stainless steel jewelry. Their new designs are best for everyday use and the most precious moments of your life. You can also choose to create your bracelet.
  • Sinister Soul – is modern fashion jewelry in the world. Their new and modern designs are very stylish and creative. Every season, they have new designs that add up style for man and woman alike.

The Services

Here at custom jewelry in Beverly Hills, we have the following services to offer. Part of the services is we purchase gold, diamond, luxury jewelry, and watches. Our company is working with reusable and recyclable materials. If you have broken or unwanted jewelry or watches, that can still be made useful and can help create a new beautiful one.

  • Jewelry Repair – we offer any jewelry repair. From laser welding, sizing rings, sunglass repair to repairing broken chains, whether it’s gold, silver, copper, titanium or platinum.
  • Engraving – all the items or jewelry can be personalized. We are offering this service for those who want to put a special message to their loved ones to make it very memorable and special.
  • Restoration – as for the damage concerns, we guarantee that we work on details of repairing jewelry. So we repair the damage but still preserve the original jewelry.
  • Restringing – for pearl and beads, we also offer a collection of spacers, clasps, and enhancers for your bracelet and necklace. This is to give a new and fresh look of restringing pearls.

Originality, uniqueness, beauty, and quality are what the custom jewelry in Beverly Hills has. This makes us different from other jewelry shops. If you are looking for the best gift for your loved ones, then visit our website

Custom Jewelry Beverly Hills

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Custom Jewelry Beverly Hills

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