Consumers Say These $15 Underneath-Eye Patches Brightened Darkish Circles in Minutes

By Dark Circles Free / November 16, 2021

Patchology Eye Gels – Under Eye Patches For Dark Circles and Puffy Eyes Care,

After a sleepless night filled with tossing and turning, we’ll often turn straight to caffeine for a pick-me-up. Java definitely does the trick for making it through the workday, but don’t forget to tend to dark under-eye circles, too. Caused by things like genetics, aging, and yes, staying up too late watching Netflix, dark circles are a common occurrence. Darkening of the skin might be expected, but that doesn’t mean it has to stick around and some shoppers have found relief in a set of under-$20 eye gel patches.

Thanks to the Patchology Happy Place gel patches, you only need five minutes to give your under-eye area some care. Infused with hydrating and exfoliating ingredients, the patches gradually improve the appearance of dark circles over time. As for immediate results, one Ulta shopper reported noticing brighter skin, while another said that it reduced morning eye puffiness. Patchology suggests that within two to four days, you should notice a reduction in puffiness and darkness.

Patchology Eye Gels - Under Eye Patches For Dark Circles and Puffy Eyes Care,

Patchology Eye Gels – Under Eye Patches For Dark Circles and Puffy Eyes Care,

To buy: $15;,

Approved for daily use, Patchology notes that you can leave the patches on for longer than five minutes. Once you are finished using, it’s recommended that you rub any remaining serum on the under-eye area into the skin.

The patches do come with what one Amazon shopper called a “heavenly” aromatherapy blend, and the main ingredients (coconut extract, lotus flower, and hibiscus flower) work to reduce inflammation and provide the area with extra hydration.

An Ulta shopper confirmed their eyes “felt brighter and ready for the day” after using, while one teacher gave a firm stamp of approval, and wrote, “I used this product after stressful days with my students or after a long night of lesson planning. It made my eyes look rejuvenated and I received many compliments on my skin.”

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Dermatologist Charlotte Clark previously told Real Simple that in some cases, even a full night’s sleep won’t completely fade under-eye circles, and there are additional ways of alleviating the condition. You may have to speak with a dermatologist to find what works best for you, but as far as Patchology fans are considered, the Happy Place patches are an “excellent” treatment option.

A 27-year-old parent wrote on Ulta that they tried the patches after feeling particularly “down” about the continued appearance of under-eye bags. “Oh my gosh. I will be buying these again for sure,” they exclaimed. “After ten minutes, I swear I look like I get an adequate amount of sleep every night. I’m so pleased with this product and am feeling great about my under eyes today.”

Take five minutes out of your morning routine and try the Patchology patches for yourself.

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