Buyers Love Cosmedix Eye Cream for Darkish Circles

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As someone who spends eight hours a day on shopping websites, I’m pretty familiar with the beauty offerings of most major retailers. But while double-checking if Dermstore stocks La Mer, I stumbled on a tip from one of the company’s estheticians: They don’t carry the vaunted brand, but “highly recommend” Cosmedix as an alternative. That led me right to the brand’s website, where shoppers can’t stop raving about the prettiest eye serum I’ve ever seen. 

In appearance alone, the Opti Liquid Crystal Eye Serum is a work of art. Blue, red, violet, and green hues make a drop of it look like opal jewelry, yet when applied, the colors vanish — and only the formula’s perplexingly effective results remain. “I’m still trying to figure out after a month how this works so well. It feels magical, and really is improving my 44-year-old bags [and] under-eye wrinkles,” wrote a shopper of their newly smooth skin. 

Other people confirm the praise and even say it works better than La Mer. The brightening and blurring effect on under-eye wrinkles and shadows is “unmatched,” as is the dose of nongreasy moisture. One 65-year-old crowned it the “best eye cream,” since a small dab melts in, plumps skin, and helps makeup go on creaseless. Still, others said they saw an “instant improvement” in their bags and dark circles, which is probably why it’s currently sold-out at Dermstore. 

So, what makes it so effective? According to the brand, the serum relies on a bunch of antioxidant sources to defend your skin from free radicals. Spin trap gets top billing, as an interesting and unusual addition: Per a Cosmetics & Toiletries article on the ingredient, it “not only stabilizes but traps fleeting free radicals before they react and cause damage,” like Minority Report, but for environmental factors that contribute to aging. Less flashy but still helpful, neem extract, eggplant extract, basil leaf extract, and turmeric root extract lend additional antioxidants. 

On the moisturizing front, rice bran, moringa, and jojoba oil make for silky skin, and copper gluconate promotes cellular regeneration, according to INCI Decoder. With those elements, it’s no wonder happy customers mention their fine wrinkles “disappearing” along with signs of tiredness. “This product is one of its kind. I would buy it again in a heartbeat,” wrote a last fan. “Fine lines and wrinkles smooth out after the third use, [and] its unique, auradescent color resembles a magic potion.”   

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