Bored with Baggage Beneath Your Eyes? Strive These Straightforward Tricks to Get Rid of Darkish Circles Completely

By Dark Circles Free / November 12, 2021

We know we need to get up early, but there’s just one more episode of the Netflix show we’re watching or simply mindless social media scrolling. Just like this, there are a number of contributing factors to dark circles. Men and women both have dark circles under their eye sockets. Dark circles, which are sometimes accompanied by bags, might make you look older than you are. To make things a bit worse, they are notoriously tough to get rid of.

Why do we get dark circles and eye bags?

The tissue structures and muscles that support your eyelids deteriorate as you age. The skin may begin to droop, and the fat that is generally limited to the area surrounding the eye (orbit) may begin to migrate into the area under your eyes. Additionally, the region behind your eyes can retain fluid, giving the under-eye area a puffy or bloated appearance.

Several variables contribute to or exacerbate this impact, including:

  • Fluid retention, particularly upon awakening or following a salty meal
  • Sleep deprivation Allergies
  • Under-eye bags can run in families if a person smokes.

How to get rid of them?

The cure for dark eye circles is determined by the underlying cause. There are, however, certain home treatments that can aid in the management of this illness. Some of the most prevalent methods are as follows:

Elevate your head: While sleep deprivation can contribute to dark circles under your eyes, how you sleep can also play a role. Elevate your head with a couple of pillows to prevent fluid from accumulating behind your eyes, which can cause puffiness and swelling.

Use a cold compress: A cold compress can aid in the reduction of edema and the contraction of dilated blood vessels. This can help to diminish dark circles and minimise the look of puffiness. Wrap a clean towel around a couple of ice cubes and place it over your eyes.

Eye massage: Regular eye massage stimulates blood flow to the under-eye region and aids in the prevention of blood pooling in the capillaries behind the eyes. Apply your favourite eye cream or serum first. Turn on the eye massager and adjust the strength to your liking.

Turmeric: Turmeric, another powerful therapeutic antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory help to reduce dark circles. Mix powdered turmeric with pineapple juice and apply it under your eye circles for 10 minutes before gently removing it with a warm, wet towel.

Cold tea bags: Many teas, such as green tea, include antioxidants, which have anti-inflammatory qualities and can help relieve stress capillaries in the under-eye region. Steep a teabag in clean water for 30 minutes and place it in the refrigerator. After that, place the tea bags over your eyes. Allow for 10 minutes twice a day before removing and washing with warm water.

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