Attempt These Straightforward Tricks to Get Rid Of Beneath Eye Darkish Circles

Under-eye dark circles might not be a serious health problem but they can make you look tired, older, or unhealthy. Pigmentation (darkening), wrinkling, anatomical variations or depressions under the eyes together contribute to under eye dark circles. When the blood vessels become fragile and break, causing discolouration in the top two layers of skin, it leads to under eye dark circles. Poor circulation of oxygenated blood or irregular sleep cycle or stress can also be a reason for the dark, bluish tinge under your eyes. While there is no instant solution for this problem, these can be treated/reduced by techniques like skin tightening, eye peels, hyaluronic fillers to correct tear troughs and eye creams.

Here are some home remedies, skincare products, and medical treatments to cure under eye dark circle:

Blepharoplasty or Eyelid Surgery 

The blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery is performed to remove excess skin, fat and muscle from the upper eyelids and reduce bagginess from the lower eyelids. The surgery is also known as an eyelift.

Take proper sleep 

Get proper sleep to avoid puffy eyes. Also pamper yourself with timely facials, skin-specific moisturizer and stick to superfoods & water. The facial will help to gain firmer and younger-looking skin and also smoothens lines and wrinkles leading to enhanced skin elasticity and reducing sagging.

Try home remedies

Home remedies like applying cool tea bags on the eyes or applying cucumber juice and potato juice will help rejuvenate the skin in a quick and easy manner. Antioxidants like ascorbic acid, caffeic acid and silica inside the cucumber reduce the darkness.

Use an under-eye concealer for quick coverage

If you are going to a party and running out of time, you can hide your dark circles and puffy eyes with makeup. Putting on an under-eye concealer will make it less noticeable. Don’t forget to moisturize your skin before putting on a concealer.

Use almond oil and vitamin E 

The use of almond oil along with vitamin E can reduce the dark circles if used over time. You can massage this mixture under your eyes before going to bed.

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