Apply this factor earlier than sleeping at night time to get rid off wrinkles and darkish circles

The onset of wrinkles on the face is always from around the eyes. First of all, if it is not taken care of, then gradually it increases under the eyes. And these wrinkles show more of your age. In such a situation, if you want to get relief from them, then you can try these home remedies. This will also remove the problem of your dark circle.

Almond oil- Whether wrinkles are under the eyes or on the face, almond oil is considered to be an effective way to remove it. Massaging with almond oil with light hands under the eyes every day removes the problem of wrinkles, as well as eliminates dark circles. And if you have a problem of wrinkles on your face, then massage the whole face with this oil.  

Chironji’s pack- Chironji is also quite beneficial for removing the problem of dark circles and wrinkles. And for this, grind chironji and mix it with milk, then apply it in the area around the eyes and let it dry. After drying, clean it with lukewarm water and then massage it around the eyes with coconut oil.

Cucumber and cucumber – The cause of wrinkles under the eyes is sometimes due to lack of water in the body. When this happens, drink plenty of water and consume cucumbers and cucumbers. It works to bring glow to the skin along with keeping your body hydrated. And apart from this, you can remove cucumber or cucumber juice and apply it under your eyes.

Olive oil- Wash the mouth thoroughly every day while sleeping at night and massage around the eyes with olive oil. Doing so makes a lot of difference. Apart from this, applying aloe vera gel while sleeping at night also removes the problem.

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