A Concealer Hack That Nixes Darkish Circles Immediately

“My tip is to apply concealer only where you need it and then blend it all in so that it fades naturally into the rest of your makeup or complexion,” says Patinkin. 

That only where you need it bit is crucial: “It will make your skin tone look odd if you apply it on skin that doesn’t need to be corrected,” she continues. Meaning: You have a variety of undertones across your skin, including a handful of different tones in the small eye area. Simply coating on one color across the entire surface area can make the skin look flat and one-dimensional. When you even out only the discolored areas, your skin looks naturally bright and even—like you clocked a full eight hours. 

Grab your concealer of choice (or snag one of our favorites), and dot on the concealer with precision rather than broad swipes, covering most (but not all) of the discolored area. She recommends letting it sit for a moment so the formula can oxidize, then dampen a small beauty sponge—like Patinkin’s Pure Luxury Makeup Sponge—and bounce it on the skin to blend. 

After you conceal those dark circles, Patinkin likes to further brighten the area by applying an extra hit of concealer on the inner corners: “You can get a little pop without risking any smudging,” she notes. Then to extend the wear time, she recommends dusting on a setting powder a half-shade lighter than your foundation (some more brightness doesn’t hurt). 

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