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By Dark Circles Free / November 21, 2022

Winter is finally here and so is the wedding season where we all want to look our best during this time of the year but the wedding season brings along with it binge eating, late-night chattering and a lot of physical effort. There’s no denying that a good makeup will ensure that you look the best by hiding blemishes or scars but nothing beats healthy-looking and naturally radiant skin.

Under-eye dark circles are a common skin concern and there are plenty of reasons behind the rise of dark circles, including inherited facial features, hyperpigmentation, allergies, stress, eye fatigue and individual skin characteristics such as texture. Often, they are accompanied by under-eye bags, only making you look tired and worn-out.

If you’re struggling to get those pesky dark circles under control, or want to reduce the appearance of puffy eyes, look no further, Dr Priyankar Misra, (Cal) MBBS, MD Dermatology-WBUHS, Consultant Dermatologist and Dermatosurgeon, Medical Advisor at Entod Beauty London, shared a guide in an interview with HT Lifestyle, which explains how you can help keep them at bay:

1. Get enough sleep

Sleep deprivation may cause your skin to appear pale, making the dark circles more obvious. Catching up on sleep is an easy way to help minimise dark undereye circles, no matter what the cause. Sleep not only helps keep eyes bright. It also aids your body in repairing cell damage to your skin.

2. Nutritious diet

Adding food rich in Vitamin K, C, A, and E to your diet can help in reducing dark circles. For eg: watermelon, tomatoes, berries, fresh greens, broccoli, kidney beans, and cucumber among other. Also, try sticking to a low-sodium diet. Salt induces your body to retain water, which can cause bags and puffiness.

3. Stay hydrated

Cut down on alcohol and salt, as both of these can dehydrate your skin and cause puffy eyes. Keep your fluid level high; drink water throughout your day, at least 2 litres. Staying hydrated will help prevent dark circles and puffy eyes.

4. Moisturise

Moisturise the eye area well with an under-eye mask or a hydrating under-eye gel serum. Choose an under-eye gel serum which is formulated to reduce dark circles, puffy eyes, eye bags, and wrinkles, while at the same time aids in firming, smoothening, and brightening the skin around your eyes.

5. Sunscreen

Sun damage can make the skin under the eyes become weaker which can result in dark circles and puffiness. Always apply sunscreen to protect the delicate skin around your eyes as well as the rest of your body. You could even invest in a pair of sunglasses for extra protection.

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