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By Dark Circles Free / November 10, 2021

If dark circles under your eyes are giving you sleepless nights or vice versa, you may not be alone. Many people in pandemic times, who are glued to their screen all the time for office work or otherwise are complaining of issues related to eyes and dark circles is one of them.

Sleep deprivation, tiredness, increased screen time, stress, dehydration or allergies may contribute to darkening of the area around your eyes.

Sometimes, dark circles under the eyes may also occur due to hyperpigmentation, when the body produces more melanin, old age when the skin around the eyes gets thinner, or they can even be hereditary.

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While dark circles don’t indicate a serious trouble, they often are a cue to change your lifestyle, sleep habits or diet.

Eating a healthy diet packed with all essential nutrients is important and so is having 7-8 hours of shut eye during night. Remember to shut off all your gadgets at least an hour before sleep so that you mind and body can prepare for sleep.


Staying away from stress is equally important. Developing hobbies, taking out me-time during the day and steering clear of toxic people can help reduce your stress. Every morning, one must find time for yoga and meditation as they are known to lower your anxiety and boost your mental health.

Celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar suggests some home remedies for reducing dark circles.

1. Make a chai of ginger, tulsi, kesar. Add honey and drink once a day, says Diwekar.

2. Diwekar also suggests a healthy evening snack for satiating your mid-day hunger pangs. Take peanuts, jaggery and coconut, a little bit of everything in a bowl and enjoy it as a 4pm snack.

3. Mix besan and fresh milk to make a paste and use it as a cleanser for the face. Avoid soaps and face wash. Vitamin A and B6 in milk can help build new skin cells and naturally lighten dark spots in your skin.

4. Diwekar also advises one to nap in afternoon but for not more than 30 minutes. She also adds that hitting bed before 11 pm can help in this regard.

5. Stay away from toxic people both online and offline. Last but not the least, if there are some people in your life who are giving you stress, you must find ways to exclude them from your life.

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