15 Greatest concealers for darkish circles that you just want for a full protection make-up look

Dark circles? Tired under eye bags? Love using beauty products? How to hide dark circles and dark spots? After bringing home the best under eye dark circle removal creams that will nourish your under eye bag, get your hands on the best concealers for dark circles. A concealer and a colour corrector for dark circles must have beauty products that you need to splurge without any second thoughts. Today, you will be able to add the best concealer to your cart and uplift the natural beauty of eyes with minimal efforts. 

Our top picks of concealers for dark circles

1. Maybelline New York Fit Me Concealer- Buy Now

2. Lakmé Absolute Mattereal Mousse Concealer- Buy Now

3. Nyx Professional Makeup Concealer Wand- Buy Now

4. Colorbar Flawless Full Cover Concealer- Buy Now

5. Milani Conceal + Perfect Long Wear Concealer- Buy Now

6. Revlon Colorstay Blemish Concealer- Buy Now

7. Makeup Revolution Conceal and Define Concealer- Buy Now

8. RENEE Face Base Liquid Concealer- Buy Now

9. L.A. Girl Cosmetics Collection Pro Conceal HD Concealer- Buy Now

10. Neutrogena SkinClearing Blemish Concealer- Buy Now

In this article 

1. Most recommended makeup steps 

2. Reasons to use concealers

3. Concealers for dark circles

Your search for the best concealers for dark circles ends today. You have landed on the right page as we have curated each and every shade of concealer that offers so much more in return. Now you can attain exceptional looks within seconds and uplift your tired and dark under eye bags with ease. 

Most recommended makeup steps 

Are you figuring out the correct method to apply the array of makeup products? We are here to fix every confusion of yours. Scroll down to check out what product you need, roll your eyes and get ready to drool over yourself. 

These above steps are the most recommended makeup steps that you should follow inorder to ace a top notch look for the day. Peep into your makeup kitty and ensure that you own each and every makeup essential. Do not forget to skim through the best concealers for dark circles that you will need for a full coverage, flawless and spotless makeup look. 

Reasons to use concealers

We have jotted down top 10 reasons to use concealers and wave goodbye to imperfect skin tone and patchy makeup. 

1. It hides blemishes, wrinkles, fine lines, acne spots, scars and redness. 

2. It masks skin imperfections and helps to blur stubborn marks.

3. It makes your skin spotless and smooth for further makeup application. 

4. It adds a natural glow to your face by eliminating flaws. 

5. It offers full and long lasting coverage. 

6. It evens out skin tone. 

7. It creates a lightweight base for high definition makeup. 

8. It leaves your face glowy and flawless. 

9. It makes your face photogenic and prevents breakouts. 

10. It conceals, corrects and sculpts your face according to your skin tone and texture. 

Concealers are a true savior to deal with the harsh realities like blemishes, scars, dark circles and acne marks. In order to prevent your eyes from looking tired, concealers for dark circles are like a magic wand that you need right at your hands to uplift the natural beauty of your eyes. No matter how many eye and skin care products to snag, never miss out concealers. 

Here is the list of top 15 concealers for dark circles that you need to own at the earliest. Bid adieu to dark under eye bags with these concealers and get set to flaunt flawless makeup looks of your dreams. 

1. Maybelline New York Fit Me Concealer

This Maybelline New York Fit Me Concealer comes in 9 shades to suit your skin tone. The liquid concealer compliments your skin tone and delivers an even complexion by laying a blanket on dark circles, blemishes, dark spots and stubborn acne marks. It has an oil free formula that never clog your pores. The concealer allows your skin to breathe and serves you with a flawless base to kickstart your further makeup applications. 

Why pick Maybelline New York Fit Me Concealer? 

This concealer for dark circles is ophthalmologist tested, non-comedogenic and fragrance-free. This concealer also works well to correct your facial flaws and redness. It reduces the signs of fatigue by creating a more rested appearance. The natural coverage blends easily with your skin and works like magic to ace every stylish look.

Price: Rs. 499

Deal: Rs. 431

Buy Now

2. Lakmé Absolute Mattereal Mousse Concealer

This concealer will not only cover your dark circles but also every flaw on your skin. It also minimizes the appearance of pores and dark spots to give you a full coverage look. It is available in six different shades to suit every Indian skin tone.

Why pick Lakmé Absolute Mattereal Mousse Concealer? 

This concealer contains fine powder to give an optical blurring effect that diminishes fine lines, blemishes, wrinkles and dark circles. With 4.1 out of 5 stars ratings on Amazon, this concealer is smooth, rich to attain a perfect complexion. 


Price: Rs. 600

Deal: Rs. 540

Buy Now

3. Nyx Professional Makeup Concealer Wand

This Nyx Professional Makeup Concealer Wand has a buildable coverage. It is non-cakey and extremely light on the skin. It effectively covers all imperfections, blemishes, under eye dark circles and everything that hampers your natural beauty. 

Why pick Nyx Professional Makeup Concealer Wand ? 

This concealer is something that you can count on to achieve natural and flawless makeup looks. This is one of the best selling concealers for dark circles that will attain a photogenic HD makeup look with ease. 


Price: Rs. 1,899

Deal: Rs. 1,105

Buy Now


4. Colorbar Flawless Full Cover Concealer

This flawless full cover concealer not only masks dark circles but also blemishes for a smooth and matte effect. The liquid to powder formula of this concealer delivers full coverage just the way you like. It is highly blendable and long lasting. 

Why pick Colorbar Flawless Full Cover Concealer? 

This concealer is suitable for all skin types. It is ideal for sensitive skin and for lens wearers. It is fragrance free and weightless. The light weight formula and the ability to conceal flaws makes it a must have eye makeup product to achieve glow on the go. It is dermatologically tested and smooth on the skin. 


Price: Rs. 750

Deal: Rs. 675

Buy Now

5. Milani Conceal + Perfect Long Wear Concealer

This long wear concealer is water resistant and gives you upto 12 hours of full coverage. It is enriched with Vitamin E, hyaluronic acid and shea butter to replenish your skin’s moisture. It is cruelty free and vegan concealer that stays on your skin well.

Why pick Milani Conceal + Perfect Long Wear Concealer? 

This concealer for masking dark circles comes in 18 shades to suit your skin tone. It is a must have concealer to correct skin discorrelation just by sitting at home. With 4.3 out 5 stars ratings, this concealer will hide all of your skin imperfections seamlessly. 


Price: Rs. 1,350

Deal: Rs. 945

Buy Now

6. Revlon Colorstay Blemish Concealer

This Revlon Colorstay Blemish Concealer comes with an exclusive formula so that your skin imperfections don’t bother you much. It has the power to conceal blemishes, dark circles and every flaw of your skin. It serves you with full and undetectable coverage that helps you flaunt a naturally glowing skin. 

Why pick Revlon Colorstay Blemish Concealer? 

This concealer is available in multiple shades and lasts for a longer period of time. Salicylic acid being an active ingredient makes the texture of the concealer easily blendable. With 4 out of 5 stars ratings, this concealer will deliver everything that you ever wished for. 


Price: Rs. 699

Deal: Rs. 560

Buy Now

7. Makeup Revolution Conceal and Define Concealer

This concealer will give your face a matte finish. It is light in weight and offers full coverage. It is a concealer that covers blemishes, even skin tone and counteract dark circles in a jiffy. It is a long wearing intense pigment concealer that can also be used to contour and add definition to your glowy face.

Why pick Makeup Revolution Conceal and Define Concealer? 

With 4.2 out of 5 stars ratings, this concealer will be your skin’s best companion especially when you feel your imperfections are hampering your skin’s natural beauty. The wide shade range of the concealer completely hides your imperfections with the help of a chubby applicator. 


Price: Rs. 475

Deal: Rs. 425

Buy Now

8. RENEE Face Base Liquid Concealer 

This liquid concealer will highly moisture your skin and serve you with a weightless matte finish skin. It is formulated with jojoba oil that blends with your skin perfectly and  while improving the look of the skin. 

Why pick RENEE Face Base Liquid Concealer? 

This concealer has a perfect consistency and gives a smooth poreless finish. It has the ability to hide blemishes, dark spots, dark circles with a comforting and hydrating formula. Enriched with premium ingredients and uniquely formulated, this concealer makes our skin feel extremely moisturized with a visible soft-focus effect that you can’t help falling in love with. 


Price: Rs. 550

Deal: Rs. 415

Buy Now

9. L.A. Girl Cosmetics Collection Pro Conceal HD Concealer

This HD concealer is crease resistant and offers an opaque coverage. It has a lightweight texture that will lift your eye’s natural beauty easily. It blends well and camouflages darkness under the eyes, redness and skin imperfections.

Why pick L.A. Girl Cosmetics Collection Pro Conceal HD Concealer? 

This concealer acts as a corrector to help you achieve your desired look. It has a creamy and opaque texture that leaves no space for complaints. This colour collector will do its job seamlessly. 


Price: Rs. 695

Deal: Rs. 492

Buy Now

10. Neutrogena SkinClearing Blemish Concealer

This concealer is infused with the goodness of salicylic acid. It offers a blemish treatment, conceals and treats skin imperfections. It serves you with a natural looking coverage and acts as an acne medicine. In addition, it is a great makeup product to shrink the look of enlarged pores. 

Why pick Neutrogena SkinClearing Blemish Concealer? 

This concealer comes with a microclear technology that prevents breakouts. It reduces the visibility of acne and other blemishes while also helping to improve your skin. With 4.4 out of 5 stars ratings, this concealer works like magic on the skin. 


Price: Rs. 2000

Deal: Rs. 1,502

Buy Now

11. StarStruck Liquid Concealer for Women

StarStruck Liquid Concealer for Women is a light weight formula that offers excellent coverage for every need. It blends well and even out redness. It effectively masks blemishes, dark circles and dark spots. 

Why pick StarStruck Liquid Concealer for Women? 

This concealer comes along with 9 different shades to suit your skin tone. The long-lasting light weight formula does not settle into fine lines or looks cakey. It is chemical free and waterproof makeup essential that you need to vouch at the earliest. 


Price: Rs. 799

Deal: Rs. 599

Buy Now

12. Chambor Flawless Finish Concealer

This Chambor Flawless Finish Concealer is a hydrating multi-action concealer that comes with skin care benefits. This concealer leaves your skin flawless, soft and smooth. It has a matte finish and comes in a concise size. 

Why pick Chambor Flawless Finish Concealer? 

This concealer is a natural-looking concealer to hide tired eyes and imperfections. It brightens your skin for your best look and fulfills every purpose of yours seamlessly. 


Price: Rs. 825

Deal: Rs. 731

Buy Now

13. Europe Girl All Hours Full Coverage Concealer

This Europe Girl All Hours Full Coverage Concealer follows a unique waterproof and long wear formula. It helps you with full coverage for upto 16 hours. This concealer will make your eyes appear lifted. The crease proof formula of this concealer doesn’t make your under eye area look patchy or cakey. 

Why pick Europe Girl All Hours Full Coverage Concealer? 

In addition to masking dark circles, this concealer helps to smooth and blur the appearance of fine lines as well as wrinkles. This concealer has managed to bag 5 out of 5 stars ratings on Amazon due to its smooth and fine texture and mind boggling results. 


Price: Rs. 600

Buy Now

14. SERY Hi-Cover Super Coverage Concealer

This SERY Hi-Cover Super Coverage Concealer is a highly pigmented matte finish concealer that offers 24 hours coverage. It has an easy and smooth blending formula with natural ingredients. It will give a soft matte finish that is smooth and creamy. 

Why pick SERY Hi-Cover Super Coverage Concealer? 

Within one coat of application, this concealer would give you a look as light as a feather. The ingredients like jojoba, sunflower and mimoso act as an antioxidant to hydrate your skin deeply. This concealer is that magic wand in your make-up kitty that hides all the dark circles and pigmentations on your face and makes it look spotless.


Price: Rs. 549

Deal: Rs. 438

Buy Now

15. INSIGHT Cosmetics Pro Concealer Palette And Ultra-Thin Second Skin Long Wear Foundation

This combo pack of two contains a multicoloured concealer that lets you conceal, correct and contour your facial imperfections with ease. The shades of the correctors have a soft and creamy formula that blends smoothly. You may use the lighter shades to conceal or highlight and darker shades to contour and sculpt your face seamlessly. On the other hand, the foundation is an ultra-light liquid foundation that comes with SPF 15 and protects your skin from harmful pollutants. 

Why pick INSIGHT Cosmetics Pro Concealer Palette And Ultra-Thin Second Skin Long Wear Foundation? 

The build-able formula of the concealers and foundation delivers a sheer to medium coverage. Both concealer and foundation blend well on the skin and do not make your face look patchy or unnatural.


Price: Rs. 359

Buy Now

So which are the best concealers for dark circles that are making their way to your makeup kitty? We are sure you cannot stop yourself from attaining a spotless and flawless look. Concealers for dark circles are the best solution that help to maximise the beauty of your eyes and amp up their charm. What are you waiting for? Fill your cart and create the makeup look of your dreams without letting the dark circles bother you. 


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