13 Foods Causing Dark Circles Under The Eyes

Foods causing dark circles

Are you tired of applying under-eye concealers, and makeups just to cover those dark circles? Well, if you feel exhausted, why not start to avoid eating foods that aggravate the situation? Here’s a list of foods causing dark circles under the eyes.

Certain foods can cause dark circles under the eyes that damage that glow on your face. For example, if you have dark circles under the eyes, you must avoid drinking coffee too much. Caffeine is one of the foods causing dark circles under the eyes. Moreover, foods that have high sodium and potassium content also do the same. You should also stop avoiding vitamin c and omega-3 fatty acids because these lead to the formation of dark circles under the eyes.

Dark circles s a result of many causes. It can be because of poor diet, lack of sleep, dehydration, and sometimes hereditary. For short, an unhealthy lifestyle will make you look like a panda. If you want to make a difference, make sure to avoid these foods that cause dark circles under the eyes.

13 Foods Causing Dark Circles Under The Eyes

Dark circles under the eyes are more than just a result of feeling tired. If the skin around the eyes becomes very small, it will gradually happen with age, and the blood vessels are very near the surface of the skin. As a consequence, it gives darkness appearance when blood is evident through transparent tissue. Fortunately, you can always go natural. First, let’s start with a list of the foods and beverages that you must avoid.

1.Too Much Coffee Drinking

Coffee is one of the toughest things that are not only terrible for the skin but also harmful for good well-being. Coffee not only induces dark eyes but also contributes to sleeplessness. If you are a coffee addict, we understand how hard it is to stop your favorite beverage suddenly. However, you have to do t for your well-being. You can gradually prevent by limiting your coffee drinking to once cup only in the morning or after lunch. If you want to remove those dark circles under the eyes, sometimes you have to sacrifice what you love most doing or eating.

2.Excessive Eating Of Turkey

Regardless of any occasion, avoid excessive eating of turkey. It is one of the foods causing dark circles under the eyes because of its high potassium content. Potassium has various benefits, but anything too much is terrible. 

3.Sweet Potatoes

Yes, sweet potatoes are essential foods for your diet. It tastes delicious, but over-consumption of this food may lead to beauty problems and, worse, dark circles under your eyes. 

4. Keep Your Bags Of Chips

These foods causing dark circles under the eyes are rich in sodium that retains water in the body. As a result, it leads to tired and puffy eyes. Eventually, it turns into dark circles that will only make you look old.

5.Too Much Chocolate

Who doesn’t love chocolate? We all love eating the sweet chocolates melting in the mouth, and changing your mood. However, these sweet treats are high in caffeine and may be harmful to the eyes. Avoid having too many chocolates, because it is also bad for oral health.

6.Peanut Butter

Do you love peanut butter in your sandwiches? Imagine drinking coffee in the morning, peanut butter sandwich for lunch, and some chocolates for your dessert – how much caffeine would you consume in a day? Moreover, peanut butter is also high in potassium, which may lead to dark circle formation after over-consumption.

7.Too Much Caffeine, But Low In Iron?

The idea for a balanced diet is to consume the right amount of each mineral and vitamins that your body needs each day. We all need a bit of something, but not too much. For example, we need iron, but avoid eating too much that your body can handle each day. If you have iron-deficiency, consume foods such as red meats, green leafy plants, carrots, raisins, iron-fortified cereals, eggs, and iron-containing whole-grain pieces of bread. 

Anemia can cause dark circles under the eyes, which makes the skin look pale and the area around the eyes to look darker. Anemia is most often induced by not having enough iron in the diet to produce the correct number of red blood cells the body requires. When young children stop breastfeeding and start drinking cow’s milk, they can develop anemia. Breast milk and formula are rich with the nutrients high in calcium. Cow’s milk contains very little iron and fewer nutrients.

8.Caffeinated Beverages

Aside from coffee, we are also talking about sodas, teas, and some juices. Caffeinated drinks will activate the hormone glands causing weakness and fatigue if drunk too much, culminating in the weakness of the adrenal glands. An excellent way to assess this is to ask yourself if you’re soda or coffee addicts? Do you consider yourself “needing” them to work? If so, you need to cut it down. 

Diet sodas typically contain aspartame, an unnatural sweetener that can cause heart failure and can cause long-term fatigue for the body. Consider decaffeinated teas and pure water. When you avoid consuming sodas and coffee, your body can get used to herbal teas and water and begin to derive nutrition from the nutritious foods you consume. You need to eliminate caffeinated drinks from your diet.

9.Canned Foods

We’ve all relied on the convenience of canned foods once in our lives. However, these foods causing dark circles under the eyes are rich in sodium used to preserve and for the canning process. Therefore, it leads to various health concerns if there is over-consumption. As much as possible, rinse canned foods thoroughly to remove some excess sodium. More importantly, limit yourself to eating these foods.

10.Chili Pepper

Chili peppers are from the family of nightshades, too. They also produce a compound named capsaicin but high solanine. This substance can cause burning and inflammation in tissues. Then, this swelling will quickly happen around the eyes, contributing to dark circles.

11. You lack In Vitamin K

Dark circles under the eyes can be a precursor of a deficit in vitamin K. The blood does not clot properly without adequate vitamin K, so any leakage from the tiny capillaries under the eyes that pool so cause very deep, bruise-like discoloration. Quality vitamin K sources include avocado, canola, and soybean oil, as well as dark leafy greens such as spinach, kale, and swiss chard.

12. Don’t Avoid Foods Rich In Vitamin C

Foods rich in Vitamin C strengthen blood vessel walls, thereby preventing the immune system from getting weak. Healthy vitamin C sources include bananas, tomatoes, kiwi fruit, grapefruit, broccoli, sprouts, and cantaloupe.

13.Know Your Food Allergies

Allergies are certainly related to dark circles, and food allergy is a big culprit. Some products that sometimes correlates with allergies and dark circles are meat, wheat, yeast, and sugar.

Frequently Asked Questions

Le’s find out what other people are asking about foods causing dark circles under the eyes.

Which fruit is good for dark circles?

There are a lot of fruits that are good for removing dark circles under the eyes. For example, berries like mulberries and goji berries help resolve dark circles due to their nutrient content. Watermelon and blueberries are also beneficial for relieving dark circles. If you want to go traditional, cucumbers are your best option. You can apply it directly over your eyes or eat it to consume its other nutrients.

Can drinking water get rid of dark circles?

Drinking water can definitely get rid of dark circles because you’re keeping yourself hydrated. Drinking lots of water helps in minimizing dark circles and puffiness around the eyes. So instead of taking medications, drink tons of water. Ideally, lukewarm water will wash all the pollutants from your body, cleaning your skin.

What Vitamin Am I lacking if I have dark circles?

The creation of dark circles under the eyes includes several causes, including lack of sleep and inadequate nutrition. Those two causes sometimes come together in the case of a lack of vitamin B12. Pale skin and weakness are two typical symptoms of anemia, all of which may accentuate dark undereye circles.


Start eating the right and avoid foods causing dark circles under the eyes. Make sure you stay away from sugar snacks, sweet drinks, packaged meals, fried foods, fast foods, and snacks on sales machines. Start consuming dark green leafy plants, whole grains, almonds, legumes, and a decent supply of lean protein. Shopping at a local health food shop is excellent, and cooking at home, rather than going out all the time. 

Try cooking up more. Consider exchanging soda and other caffeine-filled items like coffee, black tea, and candy for water or non-caffeinated beverages to counteract this. Sodium may induce the swelling because sodium, which includes salt, allows the body to absorb water. Consume small amounts of salt to help reduce the puffiness around the eyes. Stay healthy and fit. Learn how can facial exercises reduce undereye dark circles.

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