10 Best Eye Masks For Dark Circles and Tired Eyes

Eye Masks For Dark Circles

It feels frustrating looking at the mirror with those ugly dark circles around the eyes, making you look tired and stressed. Fortunately, you can use these seven kinds of eye masks for dark circles and tired eyes.

In today’s fast-paced generation, you need these kinds of eye masks to treat your dark undereye circles.

  1. Coconut Eye Mask
  2. Almond Eye Mask
  3. Rose Water Eye Mask
  4. Milk and Baking Soda Eye Mask
  5. Tea Bags as Eye Masks

For as long as you believe, there is always hope and ways in treating those dark undereye circles. You haven’t tried anything unless you’ve tested these undereye dark circle eye masks.

10 Best Eye Masks For Dark Circles and Tired Eyes

With dark circles, puffy eyes, and more pronounced lines, when you wake up, the concealer can only do so much. You need to call help occasionally, and that is where under-eye masks come in. For those SOS moments, these comfortable, self-sticking patches belong in any beauty kit. Pop them up in the morning, and no one’s going to be able to tell you that you were up until 3 AM, binging on Netflix for a new clip.

1.KNC Star Eye Mask

A perfect excuse for taking selfies is the shooting star formation, while the formula infused with retinol and hyaluronic acid is great for treating dark circles.

2.Eye Got This Holographic Foil Moisturizing Eye Mask

Sodium hyaluronate, an ingredient derived from hyaluronic acid, which can draw water deep into the skin, is infused with these star-spangled eye masks.

3.Elemis Pro-Collagen Hydra-Gel Eye Mask

Thanks to hydration-boosting panthenol and plankton, these gel masks only take a few minutes to make crepey, thin skin look firmer and smoother.

4.111 Skin Celestial Black Diamond Eye Mask

To avoid tired eyes, pack these for your next flight. The tiny patches assist with extra plumping, pore-reducing, and wrinkle-fighting thanks to hyaluronic acid and retinoids.

5.Nannette de Gaspe Eye Masque

Switch to this fully dry mask if you’re not a fan of the goopy, liquid serum that most eye patches leave behind. A mixture of olive oil and antioxidants is deposited over your eyes and hooked up to your ears to replenish dry, uneven skin.

6.GlamGlow Eyeboost Reviving Eye Mask

In this mat, which covers the whole orbital bone region, you’ll look ready for a masquerade. Anti-inflammatory algae and mushroom extracts and caffeine treat any redness and puffiness.

7.WanderBeauty Baggage Claim Gold Eye Masks

After wearing these eye masks, the dark circles disappear, and the skin under the eye tightens in just a few minutes. Pack a few for your redeyes on the plane, and no one’s going to know you’ve suffered a long trip.

8.Joanna Vargas Bright Eye Firming Mask

Give your eyes a much-needed break with these soothing patches from being stressed by screens, which moisturize with a hyaluronic acid boost and reduce chamomile extract puffiness.

9.Patchology FlashPatch™ Eye Gels

These eye masks have a distinctive jelly-like feel that leaves a calming, cooling feeling, offering relief after a long day. Caffeine battles and encourages the circulation of puffiness.

10.Talika Eye Therapy Patch

In these patches, essential oils of musk, rose, safflower, avocado, and wheat germ combine to erase blueness behind the eyes into a super formula. To remove redness, puffiness and even reduce fine lines, keep them on for half an hour.

7 Kinds Of Eye Masks For Dark Circles and Tired Eyes

Dark circles and under-eye bags can genuinely hinder your confidence. In addition to taking sufficient rest and eye care, exercise regularly is also necessary. It helps increase the supply of oxygen to the optic nerves and decreases the eyes’ pressure. Here are some natural home remedies that may help to bring some relief to your eyes.

1.Coconut Eye Mask

When it comes to removing dark circles or heavy bags around the eyes, coconut oil is the most effective and helpful. To get rid of dark circles, massage a few drops of it under the eyes. To achieve quicker outcomes, you will have to do this every day.

2.Almond Eye Mask

Almond oil works as a skin hydrator. It helps to minimize the appearance of crow-feet wrinkles by fading away dark circles. A mixture of almond oil can avoid dark circles and eye bags, along with honey added each night.

3.Rose Water Eye Mask

It works better with tired eyes. When put over the eyes for 15 minutes, a cotton pad drenched in pure rose water produces a calming effect and relaxes the eyes. It can decrease eye puffiness as well.

4.Milk and Baking Soda Eye Mask

For sleepy eyes, milk will prove to be a boon. Combine four tablespoons of whole fresh milk and two tablespoons of baking soda to cook it. To achieve a smooth mixture and creamy consistency, blend well. Place it and add the chilled mask around your eyes in the refrigerator. For 20-25 minutes, let it stay and wash it off with cold water. In no time, your eyes will feel revived and safe.

5.Tea Bags as Eye Masks

Teabags for dark and heavy skin, such as green tea, black tea, and various other herbal teas, are a perfect cure. For 5 to 10 minutes, place some used tea bags in the refrigerator. Then damp your eyes with tea bags for 10 to 15 minutes. It is one of the most vital home remedies to eliminate the swelling and darkness around the eyes.

6.Cucumber Eye Mask

Cucumber is known for its calming and soothing effects. This mask’s regular application can make your eyes look re-energized and new. Grate the cucumber and let it chill for half an hour in the fridge, then spread it evenly around your eyes. Wash it off with cold water after 30 minutes.

7.Pineapple Mask

Using natural skincare ingredients such as turmeric powder and pineapple juice, you can prepare another powerful home remedy for eye bags and dark circles. Mix these ingredients and add the mask under your eyes for 30 minutes every day for two weeks. It is an essential mask, but with the most advantageous effects.


Technology seems to have overpowered man in today’s age. Each assignment we perform is technology-based. Making our lives more comfortable and less complicated makes us vulnerable to many health problems without even realizing it. Harm to the eyes is one of them. 

Constant exposure to computer screens, cell phones, and television lead to blurred vision, exhaustion of the brain, and many other issues. Heavy drinking and smoking are other sources of eye damage.

Many do not know that alcohol weakens the muscles of the eyes and can cause permanent blurred vision. On the other hand, smoking can lead to dry eye syndrome and cataracts. Self-love starts with taking of yourself. Aside from the best eye masks for dark circles, check out this best electric eye massagers.

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