Top 5 Dark Circle Under The Eyes Causes

By admin / February 5, 2019
Dark Circle Under the Eyes Causes

OMG! You have dark circles. Do you not sleep?

Dark Circle has become a very trending topic these days. Be it, women or men, young or old everyone is worried about the baggy dark eyes. But the common perception that people have is that only deprived of sleep causes dark circles. But that is not true.

You may wonder that even though I sleep for 8 full hours I still have those shady eyes. There can be many dark circles under the eye causes and not just sleep.

Top 5 Dark Circle Under the Eyes Causes

Top 5 Causes for Dark Circles Under Your Eyes

Many factors contribute to having dark circles. Want to know yours? Read the post below.

1. Eczema and Allergies

Constant irritation leads you to rub your eyes harshly. Eczema and Allergies may not be the direct reason behind your dark circles but definitely leads you to those baggy eyes. Allergies can cause swelling of the eyelids making the eyes appear bigger and darker. When you repeatedly have the feeling of itchiness in your eyes you cannot stop yourselves from rubbing them, this then ends up in giving you Dark Circles.

2. Genetics

All the dark circles are not just because of you. Sometimes they are hereditary and are passed on to you by your parents. Then all you can do is take care of your eyes more and use some treatment.

3. Overexposure to Sun

The skin under your eye is very delicate and can be easily affected by the scorching sunlight. So, if you go out too much in sun then your eyelids and skin under your eyes can get damaged. This causes the skin to produce certain pigments which makes that part of your eyes to look black-blue. Hence, overexposure to the sun can be one of the main causes of dark circles.

4. Fatigue

One has to maintain a proper balance between work and rest. Being tired, lack of sleep, too much stress can give you dark circles or sometimes even oversleeping can make your skin appear tired and dull. Pale skin near your eyes makes them look puffy. The skin near your eyes may turn blue-black due to fatigue leading to Dark Circles.

5. Eye Strain

When you are constantly exposed to the bright screen of television, computers, and mobiles it can cause strain to your eyes. This causes the blood vessels near the eyes to swell and make them appear darker. Eye strain can make your eyes look tired, dark, and baggy.

Final Words

So, I hope that this article has helped you know the reason behind your dark circles. Based on this you can take care of what to avoid and how to save yourselves from those baggy eyes.

And next time when someone asks you “Did you not sleep?” looking at your dark circles then show them this post 😛

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